The information on this page is tentative and may change as we get closer to the release date.

Sword Catcher is the current working title of a high fantasy series being written by Cassandra Clare, to be published by Del Rey Books (Random House) in North America and Pan Macmillan in the Commonwealth.[1][2]


Known information


Rough/early synopsis given so far:

Here, a boy is born to rule a divided city. A girl is destined to return lost magic to the world. And a prince will betray his people to win a crown. They'll discover the dark side of themselves and those they love, as their kingdom faces war, plague and the end of hope. But the blackest night comes before the dawn...[2]


  • An alternate description of two characters mentioned above, given by the author, is as follows: a young man raised to be the body double for an unworthy prince and a young woman destined to change the world.[1]
  • There will be a host of other characters in the series: criminals, princes, magicians, and warriors.[1] It will feature a tightly-knit group of friends,[3] who will be surrounding the central character.[4]
  • The series will center on a boy named Kellian, who, in the beginning of the stort, is kidnapped from his family when he is about five years old. He’s brought to the castle in his city, where the king--a despised king[4]--and queen of his country live; their son, the prince, looks a lot like Kel, minimally forcing him to change his appearance to fit the prince's more.[4] They make Kel the "Sword Catcher" for the prince, a traditional stand-in for the prince at public events, to become the target in case anyone attempts to kill the crown prince.[5][3]
    • The story will expand further from this point, but this first part will generally be "about identity and who are you if you really are just standing in for someone else and you're supposed to take the slings and arrows that come for him."[5]
    • Kellian will grow up with the crown prince, whom he discovers is a terrible person who would make a horrible king.[3] "He has to deal with being in this terrible position—‘My job is to sacrifice my life for this person I don’t like or respect.’"[5]
  • The series will cover Kellian's life up until he is twenty-three, twenty-four, which is when the story really starts.[5]


  • As of 2017, rights for only the first two books have been bought.[2]
  • Currently, the plan is to publish Sword Catcher in spring 2021, following Clare's current commitments.[2][5]
  • The books will be edited by Anne Groell, editor of A Song of Ice and Fire.[1]
  • This will be Clare's first solo adult series, promising “a dramatic epic of power, intrigue and magic”.[2]